Organization Overview:
The purpose of Lighting For Learning is to mitigate poverty in underserved populations. Lighting For Learning is a non-profit organization established in 2010. It is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization (EIN-46-1389985).

The Vision:
Lighting For Learning provides end-to-end solar power solutions to businesses, governments and non-government organizations interested in improving the quality of life of anyone living in energy poverty. Lighting For Learning originated from a study which showed improving students’ study environments significantly improved their performance in school and significantly improved their chances of breaking free of the bonds of all kinds of poverty. This desire to improve the lives of underserved populations continues to guide the work of the organization.

The Strategic Intent:
As defined in the United Nations’ 1997 Human Development Report, the largest contributor to world poverty is a lack of education. To obtain a good education, students need to be able to study in an environment conducive to learning. After sundown in many developing countries without access to a proper electrical power grid, the only source of lighting is from candles or kerosene lanterns.

The Background:
Proper study environments are critical to success in school. This premise was validated by running a randomized controlled trial in India. Based on the test scores of students who studied by the light of solar lighting versus those who studied by the light of candles or kerosene lanterns, the experimental student group that studied by the light of solar lights performed 20% better than the control group that studied by the light of candles or kerosene lamps.

The Value Proposition:

Lighting For Learning provides solar lighting for learners of all ages in locations where electricity is unreliable or scarce. It has developed an intricate supply chain that provides its stakeholders with cost effective, turnkey, solar power solutions and thereby is able to improve the likelihood that these stakeholders will be able to improve their standard of living. Because of their process and methodologies, Lighting For Learning is able to achieve this in locations and in ways other government organizations cannot.

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